BeBeLock Alpha Gift Set 15pc Containers + Accessories

$79.90 $99.90

Each Gift Set Contains:
4pc 120ml Airtight Containers
4pc 180ml Airtight Containers
4pc 240ml Airtight Containers
3pc 280ml Airtight Containers
1pc Snack Cap
1pc Suction Plate
1pc Straw Cup Cover with 4 Straw
1pc Handle
2pc Spoon with Casing
1pc Straw Cleaner
72pc Label Stickers

* BeBeLock AirTight Container uses high quality PP (polypropene) which is harder, durable and can be reuse.
Silicon Ring in Lids keeps food airtight and fresh.

* Soft silicon snack cap allows your child to pick up motor skills!
Works with BeBeLock Airtight Containers

* BebeLock Suction Plate --> Stick plates, bowls and cups to the table with ease to prevent tipping of food!
- Not easy for child to lift up suction, strong suction pad on both surface (up and down).
- Suction can be easy lift up using finger pad (hassle & fuss free).
- Both surface can be use with BeBeLock container during feeding time.

* BeBelock Alpha Airtight Straw Cup Cover with 4 Straw
- Soft touch, light weight, waterproof.
- Food grade silicone.
- Easy to clean.
- Dishwasher safe.
- Made in Korea.

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