Goguma KF94 Reusable Mask from Korea - KIDS SIZES

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Please refer to photos for size reference & measurements. 

*** Strictly NO EXCHANGE, NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS as this is a hygiene related product. ***


(This info is given to us by the factory through our Korean manager.)

1. Handwash only. Use warm water and mild soap (preferably no fragrance). Suggest you use bottle detergent because it can clean well.
2. Gently squeeze dry. Do not wring or it will lose the shape.
3. Hang it to sun dry. If you have UV Steriliser, can use UV mode 5 min before wearing.

You can pack into clean ziploc bag (fold it in such a way the inner of the mask is not touching the bag or exposed.
When return home from outside, remove the mask by touching only the ear loops and drop the mask into a pail of water with detergent. Wash your hands immediately. Avoid touching the outer of the mask.

Mask has exhaust which makes it easier for breathing. Do not use hot water or high heat dryer which may damage the exhaust valve and the melt blown layer filter (this is the most important part to prevent virus).

Mask is certified KF94 standard (similar to N95).

There is a recommended 'expiry date' because it is classified as medical product in Korea, which requires an expiry date. Earliest date is 2022 Jan. Some sizes/designs are 2023 Mar. This does not affect the life of the mask. As long as it is well cared for, it can be used for years, beyond the stated expiry date.

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