Cordlife Redemption Top Up $100 - 4G+ Classic UV

$100.00 $599.00

This listing is purely for Cordlife customers who wish to top up $100 to change the free 3G+ model to 4G+ model.

How to Top Up:
1. Place an order here. Complete payment and take note of your order number. Please ensure the check out name/contact no./email matches the information given to us at the Cordlife Redemption Form (next step).
Please select & pay for URGENT COURIER if you require.
2. Fill up the redemption form as given in the email.
Select Top Up for 4G+ and key in your order number.
3. Your set will be shipped out within 2-3 working days.  

Ready Stock Aug 2020 onwards: White Gold, White Metal, Grey Gold, Grey Metal.
Black Gold & Black Metal are currently not available. There isn't any estimated ready date from Korea manufacturer. 



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