(RENTAL) Haenim 7A or 7S Bluetooth Breast Pump

$310.00 $459.00

Try before you buy!
Affordable rental rates!

You can choose 7V (NEW MODEL), 7A or 7S: Please comment at check out with which model you want to rent.

7V: Premium Pump, light weight, Control Cycle Speed, 15 level suction strength, batt life 3h, single/dual pump
7A: Pocket size, light weight, wireless charging, portable battery charging possible, dual pump, batt life 2h
7S: Tumbler style, medium weight, batt life 5-6h

1 week: $10            
2 weeks: $22              
3 weeks: $33              
1 month: $50              

Do note that customers will need to bear courier charges of $15 (drop off & pick up). There will be no courier charges if you opt for SELF COLLECTION & RETURN.

Deposit $300 is refundable upon safe return of the pump.
Damages which will cause forfeiture of the entire deposit amount:
- Visible crack to the pump or pump parts
- Water/Milk in pump motor
- Pump motor has been opened/tampered
- Missing items from the set

All rental sets come with USED/SHARED pump parts. Should you wish to get a new set for hygiene purposes, please add to cart from our Haenim 7S Accessories listing.

Should you decide to purchase Haenim 7V/7A/7S after your rental, please contact us via email with your order number for the rental. We will offset the rental fee you paid (courier charges not included) from the purchase from your pump.

Introducing Haenim 7S, world's first BLUETOOTH Breast Pump!

Why Haenim 7S?
- Closed System, Hygenic & Safe!
- Easy to use
- Large battery life of 5 hours (That's 10 pump sessions!)
- 3 funnel sizes given for better fit
- Silicon massage pad can be used for all 3 funnel sizes
- Gentle yet stimulating massage mode
- Efficient expression mode
- CONTROL VIA BLUETOOTH! Haenim 7S App works not just as a breast pump control but it is like an expressing mummy's diary!
(a) Save your fave controls and it will run automatically!
(b) Records pump session details like date/time, duration.
(c) You can input the volume expressed at each session!
(d) Graph to help you monitor your expression volume.
(e) Set reminders/alarms for your next pump session!

You've gotta try it to believe it!

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